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Happy New Year?

New Year's Eve 2020 was very different from years past. We had a small gathering of close friends at Flair Flat for a game night and Chinese appetizer buffet. As always I want my guests to feel welcome and special while we're together. I was remembering in 2019 I went to New York City to ring in the New Year and spent a few weeks with David before Sundance Film Festival started. It was magical being there around the holidays to see the iconic Bergdorf Goodman windows and all the festive decorations of 5th Ave. I always love going to the Metropolitan Museum of Art; they had a fanatic exhibit in the Costume Institute.

So many beautiful dresses, coats and hats. One that I always remember well was this gorgeous poppy dress by Ana de Pombo, circa 1936. The vibrant red and orange tones in this elegant gown...the big poppy applique that must flutter when in motion! I look at it and think you would just have to be happy when you wear it.

It inspired me to step away from the gold, black and silver we've done in the past. I wanted something very elegant but with color. It had to be red! I decided to use the Crane dishes mixed with blue and white service pieces. The linens "had" to be custom: there wasn't a great one in the linen closet and I couldn't find one to purchase. No matter what anyone says...there was no other option, something had to be made....from a fabric I have been eyeing for months. It seemed like the logical solution.

The Flowers are where I brought in my red inspiration. Red dogwood to fill the outside planter; and carnations, hypericum and apples for inside.

Everyone brought a favorite Chinese appetizer to share. We made roasted vegetables with three dipping sauces that we pick up at the store and Avocado & Sundried Tomato wontons.

Candy dishes filled with little goodies; the bar stocked and champagne flutes polished and ready for the big moment.

We ended up not even using the game table, instead settling into the living room to snack and chat. We never left, eventually playing games there until the big count down.

We don't know what 2021 holds for any of us. Just like 2020, let's turn and pivot to make the very best life, home, parties, flowers and foods we possible can for ourselves and our loved ones. No matter what our circumstances are we can live a meaningful and beautiful life with Flair.

Tracy B

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Lesli Muir Lytle
Lesli Muir Lytle
Jan 03, 2021

Hey! I'm missing a pic of these handmade napkins! Or is it the same material as the runner? Please advise!


Elegant presentation and I'm sure the party was fabulous.

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