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May I Offer You a Drink

A recent slip on the ice landed me in the hospital for 2 days, a surgery and now the enjoyment of 8-12 weeks with no weight on my leg. I've never been as happy to have a well appointed home as I am now. Over the past couple of years I've been working on Flair Flat to make it space that works well for the way we live. That is the best way to describe a well appointed home. Everything has a sensible place, and most of the time it's in it's place.

As well wishers have come it's been wonderful to offer them a drink from a very well appointed bar/beverage station. I like to offer drinks so people don't feel like they need to rush off. When I do, I always tell them Flair's #1 bar rule, "help yourself to anything we have." I give a brief run down of what we have and let them help themselves. Letting guests help themselves allows me to talk to everyone and not worry about getting up and down all the time to refill drinks. We have friends who will enjoy a drink anytime of the day and family and friends who don't drink at all. To have that well appointed bar you need to have non-alcoholic drinks too.

Among our non alcohol drinking friends Diet Coke is king. I like buy the mini 7.5oz size, first because they are so CUTE, secondly because they seem to be the perfect size for mixers or to drink by itself. I always have sparkling and still water available. Bottled water is a popular item for guests to take with them if they have a longer drive home. I keep a few novelty sparkling drinks on hand that are delicious on their own or as a cocktail mixer.

A Flair staple is Sanpellegrino Clementia, perfect for the Lazy Man's Screwdriver. It's a quick easy variation on the classic Screwdriver. It's sparkling base makes it perfect anytime of the day.

Fill a rocks glass with ice. I like our big cubes, they look good and keep a drink cold.

2 Ounces of your favorite vodka

5 Ounces of Clementina, or to taste

Slice of orange to garnish, and you're good to go.

I serve drinks in glass or crystal. It gives the most basic drinks a little flair. In my collection I have a variety of water glass patterns that I like to rotate through the year. The standard glassware I always have are Champagne flutes. Younger guests love to drink a sparkling beverage from them giving them an air of sophistication and Martini glasses because they're incredible sexy. Wine glasses because we drink it by the barrel around here. Rocks glasses, which can be used for a myriad of drinks.

The finishing touches: Always have cocktail napkins that compliment your décor; perfect for catching small drips or acting as a coaster. Keep a bottle opener, corkscrew, gigger and a little vessel for garbage on or close to your bar. The corks, foil, and bottle caps can clutter up a small space fast. Because these items are needed and helpful, make sure you select something that's beautiful, stylish and that brings some flair to your home.

As you can see, no matter what you drink, set up a bar/beverage station. Everyone loves a good drink, and it makes your friends, guests and family know you want them to stay for just a few more minutes.

Drink up!

Tracy B.

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Lesli Muir Lytle
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