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My Favorite Things

Ward & Child.PNG

Ward & Child The Garden Store 

 678 S 700 E #676, Salt Lake City, UT 84102

Every year I add a bird ornament to my collection. The Garden Store is my go-to place. Their Christmas displays are magical, with unique products and stunning presentation. Throughout the year I visit the gardens. Located behind the shop is a garden oasis with paths and a fountain. It's one of my favorite places to shop year round. 

oasis wire.PNG

Smither's Oasis Aluminum Wire

I use this for everything! It comes in a variety of colors and gauges. I make napkin rings and place card holders for dinner parties. I use it to secure electric cords to table legs so they don't look so messy. I use it to dress my orchids. I can't live without it. Available online and at many local florist shops. 


These Two

For sure these two!. Who doesn't love a good set of kids. They're kind, cute and make me laugh. 

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