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Easter 2022

Since my fall in December I am transitioning from being totally dependent on my walker to using a cane. I can put more weight on my leg, depending how it feels. It's wonderful that I can do more around Flair when we entertain. It's even more fun walking around with a cane; I look surprisingly distinguished.

Not wanting to overdo it, we kept the dinner guest list small. A few more joined us for dessert later in the evening. Every one brought a dish to pair with a beautiful garlic and butter salmon prepared by chef David. Appetizers were vegan "caviar gardens" vegetable crudités. A gorgeous butternut squash salad matched the table perfectly. Roasted veggies and mashed potatoes and gravy made yummy sides.

Like a kid with a new toy I was dying to use the new everyday dishes we got from New York's MOMA. There has been need to replace the everyday dishes for a while now, and when David showed these to me, I had no choice......I had to buy them. (Insert schoolgirl squeal here.)

I wanted to set a modern Easter table. Inspired by the plates, I choose a white background with pops of color. A crisp white linen hemstitch table cloth with one of my favorite white and orange napkins were the base for the new dishes.

I filled darling bunny-face containers with carnations, green cymbidium orchids, yellow tulips, and to make the arrangement dance, gorgeous Japanese ranunculus. AND yes, faux lily of the valley accents. I think the only time faux flowers should be used is sparingly if they are a very high quality botanically correct stem. Venetian style glass vases with name card holders were filled with the same blooms.


I always say it's the details that matter. The details enhance all the efforts we put into planning and doing a dinner. The PIECE DE LA RESISTANCE was the bunny butter and perfectly coordinated vanilla and the lemon cake. My favorite question of the night was "did you know the cake would match your table?" Of course I did!

It feels great being able to do the things I love to do for the people I care for. Flair Flat was filled again with big laughs, delicious food and, of course, a few flowers.

Have a wonderful spring! Don't forget to follow me on Instagram. I am looking for 500 followers to celebrate my 50th birthday this month. Spread the word to all your friends.

Happy spring,

Tracy B.

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What a fabulous setting for a great celebration.


Lesli Muir Lytle
Lesli Muir Lytle
Apr 20, 2022

The lily of the valley really does make the rest of the flowers pop. Brilliant all around. Now I'm going to have to start looking for bunny head containers...

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