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Designing an Heirloom Table

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

This year's Thanksgiving is going to be different than the ones we've hosted in the past. For me, no big traditional afternoon meal and evening open house to finish off the leftovers. So this year I'll have to make extra special and a little different for my two special guests. My two kids will come for dinner and I'm profoundly grateful we can do that. They come the Sunday before Thanksgiving so they can spend Thanksgiving day with their mom's family and the ever growing group of best friend cousins. This year I'll mix in grandma's china and some trendy colors I've never done before.

LUX Heirloom White Pumpkin

Gather The Design

When LUX Events approved my concepts for the Fall Collection I knew right away I wanted to have the Heirloom White Pumpkin for my table. It's on trend for the 2020 fall season and it would compliment my mother's bone china Mikasa Sentinel pattern perfectly. I always love to mix heirloom pieces and trends together. It creates a design that is interesting and very personal. It's a style that can't be achieved by hitting all the discount stores each season. After I decide on a concept I gather all the elements and accent pieces I'm considering and lay them out to make sure the reality of a gorgeous table matches the dream I have of a gorgeous table.

I paired the china with smoke colored water goblets from William & Sonoma and 1930 art deco wine goblets given by a friend years ago that I adore. I love the mercury glass urns with wheat motif and how they tie into the china pattern. These will be used to give the table a few more flowers or the buffet, we'll just have to see. The champagne lamour linen is perfect; but I wasn't sure which napkin to use. Seeing it all together I love the solid pale blue hemstitch with everything. Next I'll gather the additional serving pieces I'll need that day and keep a cohesive look to the table. I'll look at the menu and make a list of the service pieces needed.

-Platter for main course

-Serving bowls for side dishes

-Gravy boat

-What the rolls will go in

-Butter dish

Now I have a complete list of every dish I need to serve the menu. I'll make notes for what each piece is use for and of course when I don't have what is needed......maybe buy another piece or find something for hire. I won't pull everything out until the night before, but I want to eliminate the stress of doing it all at the last moment.

The Details

I love candlelight and the marble candle holders gives me another modern element on the table. To protect my linen from the wax, I designed these botanical bobeches (a special order at LUX Floral & Design). They slide onto any standard tapper candle, and when dinner is done you can enjoy the heirloom feel with the wax melted over them. Handwritten name cards, menu cards and some small dishes for nuts and dried fruits for each guest and the table is ready to go.

This year is the perfect time to blend our familiar treasures with some new ones to create a Thanksgiving look for the books. Happy Thanksgiving!

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