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I never want to rush buying something I need; I want to make sure I love it. Sometimes you're lucky and you find it right away, but other times it takes a little longer. My bed skirt had me stuck for sometime. I wanted to find something that would pull the white, blue and green colors together with an orange accent. After lots of online shopping, in-store shopping and hitting my favorite luxury brands for some inspiration I found it! The only downside was it had to be custom made.

When looking for inspiration I recommend going to the very best luxury sources where style and quality are designed to last the tests of time and trend. I started by looking at Schumacher, Fabricut, Lee Jofa, and Cole and Fowler, knowing full well they would be out of my budget range. BUT they provided me with complimentary luxury inspiration (an elegant way to say free pictures!). I try to avoid box stores or big chains because I find their lines to be seasonal or too trendy. I want something with Flair.

In the latest Veranda (Sept-Oct 2021) I saw this bold, vividly colorful ad for a new line of Fabricut textiles inspired by the iconic Iris Apfel.

Veranda (Sept-Oct 2021) Fabricut Advertisemet

I absolutely loved the flamestitch under cloth. How could I go wrong with this enduring classic. It never goes out of style. The origins of this pattern are unclear but it seems to have come around in the 1600s. A flamestitch-covered chair is part of a pair of marriage portraits by Dutch painter Wybrand de Geest painted in 1637.

Hampel Fine Art Auction

This would be a simple sewing project so I decided to handle it myself. I measure the height of the bed to ensure it hung at the exact length I wanted. I made 5 panels in total that would cover the entire frame. For the desired accent of orange I added a stripe of orange satin ribbon along the bottom. A little extra fabric turned into a pillow with the same orange detail.

Hope you'll enjoy finding beautiful things for your life and home so you can live with Flair.

Tracy B.

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1 Comment

Lesli Muir Lytle
Lesli Muir Lytle
Oct 11, 2021

How charming! Well done. And excellent advice, too.

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