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Plant Party

January 10, 2021, was national Indoor Plant Appreciation Day. It wasn't nearly the celebration I thought it would be. My plants just sat there. They might have been stoned though; they all have a little pot. HA HA HA. I think plants can play a role in a well decorated space. Studies have shown they help increase the sense of calm in rooms, help clean the air and frankly they just add flair when done well. Here are some key tips to consider when decorating with plants in your home.

Intention & Purpose

Place your plants throughout your home with intention. Think of them as a design element like you do any other accessory item in your home. You use accessories to tell a story and fill a space. You look at an area and determine it needs some height, some texture and a splash of color. Your plants should serve those same purposes. I don't like when plants look out of place in a room. It's a waste of space. Always fill your home with things you love, like PLANTS!

I used a small orange cache pot with a gorgeous Croton that has gold colored veins to compliment the colors in the drapery. It creates a great moment on the shelf that divides the office and dining area.

Here I needed to fill a space next to Buddha. I found this beautiful Aglaonema “Lady Valentine". It compliments the pink and red tones in the artwork and the collection of books that that Buddha rests on.

An image of my winter entry area shows how I've used tall orchid plants and paperwhites to create the blooming hedge. I wanted to create a more defined entry area and these glorious plants are the perfect solution.

The Big Decision

Now, which plants will come home with you? It's a little easier to decide while knowing how and where you're going to use the plants. You have an idea of the size, shape and possibly the colors you're looking for to select a plant that will thrive. I recommend going to a good nursery that has a nice selection of indoor plants and talking to them or your favorite florist. They can make recommendations that might work best as you explain how much light the area gets and it's location near vents and doors. Be sure to tell them about fur babies too. Some plants can be toxic to pets. Always take the time to research and find out what will work best, especially when buying large plants.

Do it with Flair

Select containers that are good for the plant and your home. Over the years I've gathered containers that I love. Don't just plop a plant in a pot in any old pot; put it in something beautiful that adds to your home's beauty. This also makes it easy to use your plants for other purposes. I'll grab a plant in a blue and white pot to use as a centerpiece when I set blue and white dishes.

Be sure to cover plastic containers with a little moss or rocks. Never leave care cards in the pot, and don't leave those little hair clips on orchids. Fasten them on the stake with something pretty.

Enjoy your plant babies!

Tracy B

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Lesli Muir Lytle
Lesli Muir Lytle

I especially love the pink dotted plant. Now that Christmas is down, I guess I'd better get away from the artificial stuff.

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