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And The Award Goes To...

It's Hollywood's award season and it got me thinking about some of the designs I created that won international awards in the catering world. in 2017 this design won for Best Tablescape and we took home the Catie Award. I got a few questions about how I came up with the concept for this design. So I thought I'd share my process for this event and how I approach entertaining at Flair Flat as well.

The client wanted to create a space that showcased the gorgeous views from the Land Terrance at Natural History Museum of Utah. They wanted comfortable areas that would encourage their guests to stay and talk. They also wanted on-trend colors and décor in a unique and homey setting.

To start, I always like my guests to be comfortable. I knew I wanted them in a shaded area as it can get hot on that concrete pad. I felt a tent would overwhelm the space with such a small guest count. It needed to be something that looked like it could be at someone's home. That inspired me to design the pendent canopy. I chose colors that were trending and would compliment the outdoor setting. The side panels would be a combination of floral sculptures and fabric to provide additional shade and create a picture frame of the views.

I always like to offer guests a drink, let them sit down, settle into the space and start to enjoy their event. When guests arrived we offered them specialty cocktails and waters served from a bar cart, another element that can be at someone's home to help create that intimate feel. Guests enjoyed drinks seated on soft seating areas on existing benches ands some that were brought in around the pendent canopy.

For the table area I wanted lots of layers of comfort so guests would linger. A sisal rug was layered with faux fur and large wool rugs. Napkins were a grey-toned striped, soft linen. I selected a gorgeous wood table and assorted chairs from the clients inventory, again giving a nod to items that could be in someone's home. And just like at Flair Flat, the finishing touches were stunning fresh floral and plant details.

Kelley Neal designed all the fresh designs for this event. His selection of flowers and greenery complimented the colors of the canopy. The assorted grasses, thistles and various greenery gave the feeling they could have been sourced from the surroundings.

For each element of the event I thought about how it would fulfill the client's desires. Will there be areas to sit and enjoy the view? Are all the colors I'm using in keeping with the clients trend request? Will it be comfortable? With all of my events I always think about how guests will feel in the space. No matter how large the space is, if I can create intimate places for guests to connect with each other, they will be comfortable. I always find ways to give touches of luxury, such as gorgeous flowers, beautiful dishes, a glass for water, a glass for cocktails and a glass for lemonade....these are luxuries not everyone enjoys every day. In the end, considering how each detail would achieve what the client requested made this an award winning event.

Happy Entertaining,

Tracy B.

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