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Am I Blue?

Winter blues or any time of year blues aren't fun. There are various reasons why winter blues or even seasonal depression can affect us. Shorter days, staying in more because of weather or realizing those well intended New Year resolution aren't going to happen. Other seasons may be triggers of past traumas. January and April are months I always feel a little blue. During those times I need to make a little extra effort to stay my usual happy self. Three things that always brighten my day: beautiful spaces, flowers with flair, and a cup of tea.

No room for blues

I like to surround myself with some of my favorite things that just happen to be blue. I'll rearrange accessories and put the thing I love the very most where I'll see them the often. You don't have to restyle the house. Fill your coffee table or the end table where you like to sit. Maybe take a beautiful tray and accessorize with some of your favorite books and trinkets. I even find myself getting sentimental and will decorate with something that's special to me, even if it doesn't really work. Once my mood shifts I'll tuck it away again.

I love these Viking glass vases I moved from my bedroom to the living room where I spend most of the time. Then I filled the rest of the table with a few more favorite blue pieces and a beautiful plant.

This little Italian marble dish I bought for a fidget dish and I just love it. Why not treat yourself when you're a little blue. A beautiful little dish, filled with favorite treat, it's the perfect way to give yourself a little pick me up. A little bowl of treats is always fun to share when a friend stops by, so it can serve 2 good purposes!

Blooms to beat the blues

There are always flowers in Flair Flat, but when I need a boost I add a few more. Waking up and the first thing you see are fresh flowers will start your day off right. Studies have shown they help to improve your mood and raise your compassion. So treat yourself with a single bloom by your bedside, and few more fresh flowers around the house.

There is also something healing about arranging flowers to create something beautiful for yourself.

Tea Time

It's that moment in the day when I sit down with a cup of tea, gather my thoughts, and just rest physically and emotionally. Take time to recharge so you can finish out the day. Take time every day to recharge, weather it's a cup of tea, yoga, time at the gym or meditation. Do something to help you check in with yourself so the blues don't creep up on you.

Stay warm, stay safe and stay happy,

Tracy B

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I’m intrigued by the Viking glasses. I wonder why they are called that. Also, I had some of those Green button poms in an arrangement in my house, and they lasted four weeks, just as vibrant and pretty as when we first brought them into the house. Highly recommend for a long lasting mood brightener.


Lesli Muir Lytle
Lesli Muir Lytle
Jan 22, 2021

Mustard is my happy color right now. I think I need more! And some candy dishes--chock full of chocolate almonds! Thanks a lot. LOL

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