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The Bird Nest Legend

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

An old German legend states that if you find a bird's nest in your Christmas tree you'll have good luck and prosperity in the upcoming year. Now, it's not likely we'll find one with our faux and aluminum trees or fresh ones harvested from a farm. So I thought I'd help you and nature by making some nests for your Christmas tree and to give as gifts. This sweet token of good luck is perfect for 2020. I like to make them in various styles so they compliment any décor style. This year my favorite ones to give are those I designed for LUX Floral & Design I called Birds & Boughs Winter Nest.

The song birds nestled among the variety of berries and fragrant pines is a gift that will last for weeks. Afterwards the nest is removed and can be displayed in a favorite spot (at least that's how I imagine it happening). I also love to give just the nest with a little message that explains the legend and a personal holiday greeting. I'll create each one a little different to reflect their style so it's a very personal gift. Thinking of the neighbor gifts I've received over the years, the homemade ones are always the most meaningful. Let me show you how I make nests for LUX Floral & Design.

Natural Nests

I start by wrapping moss, angle vine and Virginia Creeper around my fingers (1). The number of eggs I'm going to add will determine the size. Once I have a nice base I'll fasten it together with a few twists of Oasis binding wire. (2) To fill the bottom I lay several small sticks, pine needles, or moss, (3) then on the bottom of the nest hold one sturdy stick on the center of your nest and flip it over. At the top lace a piece of binding wire through the nest. Twist the binding wire around your sturdy stick. (4) This will anchor the filler to the nest. Now add flair to it with small sticks, moss accents, feathers or faux berries from a craft store. This is how I like to personalize them for each person. I like to use hot glue gun to secure the details on so they stay together. Finish it off with a few eggs, maybe one to represent each person in the home, and you're done.

Glam Nests

For my home I created a nest out of various gauges of Oasis aluminum wire. This is done by wrapping and bending the thickest wire to form the base of the nest. (1) You can add other colors or gauges of wire to fill in the shape by cupping your hand and gently cramming it into your cupped hand. The mashing and bending create great texture to fill the nest with. (3) Put an Oasis Dash in the bottom of your nest and stick your wire fill to the Dash to hold in place. (4) You can use more if needed, just make sure the Dash gets covered with fill so it's not sticky when you pick it up. Accents like feathers, icy branches or even some bling will give a very personal touch.

Be sure to personalize the card with the Bird Nest Legend to show your own personal flair and thoughtful little message.

A fantastic box or bag, a bow and you're ready to share a little Christmas joy. Have a safe and happy holiday. Remember whatever you do, do it with a little Flair.

Happy Christmas

Tracy B.

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1 Comment

Love the legend, love your interpretation of it. What a joy.

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