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I'd Like To Order Some Flowers

Valentines Day and everyday is a good time to send someone flowers. Flowers will always bring a smile and warm the heart; never hesitate to send someone flowers. Whether it's a simple bloom or a lavish arrangement, flowers convey the message you care about them and want them to be a little happier with a gift of beauty. As a florist, there are a few tips I wanted to share that will help you order flowers around the holidays.

Before You Call

Take a moment and get this vital information your florist needs to deliver your gift.

- First and last name of the recipient

- Address of the home or the name and address of the business. If the business requires security check let them know.

- Phone number for the recipient. It's best to have the person's direct number so, if needed, special arrangements can be made to ensure they get their gift.

- A card message. Remember most enclosure cards are small so you don't need to say too much. The flowers will say enough. Keep it simple and thoughtful.

- Have your credit card ready to go.

What to Order

In Store Specials - During the holidays it's a good idea to ask for the holiday specials. You'll get the most bang for your buck. Generally your florist has developed the design in a favorite style and with flowers they know will be high quality. They will also have different price points you can choose from which is nice when you're working with a budget. They add their shop's special touch to ensure that it stands out from the national brands. Be sure to check out their website to find a special that you love and works with a budget you're comfortable with. Never hesitate to increase the price and have more flowers added.

Mix it Up - Roses are a timeless classic for Valentines day. If that's their favorite flower, then that's the perfect choice. If you don't know what their favorite flower is, a mixed bouquet of assorted flowers is a brilliant choice. Maybe with some luck they'll say "oh you had them put lilies in, those are my favorite!" and you can reply "That's what I thought too," and then add that note in your phone and they'll never know.

Send their Favorite Color - Consider sending flowers in their favorite color and not traditional holiday colors. Think how special they will feel when they realized you asked for their favorite color. Most shops have a beautiful selection of nontraditional holiday colors that come to them with their holiday shipments. Sending favorite colors is a great way for shops to use these premium blooms for your thoughtful gift.

Designer's Choice - This is always the best choice when you really want to send something special. As a florist, this is what I ask for when I send flowers out of town, and I've never been disappointed. Usually these orders are given to the lead designer who will create a bespoke design with your request in mind. The designer's choice represents the best flowers and creativity the shop offers. It can be a more expensive option, but it's always going to be the most impressive and unique.

Special Requests - If you have a special request for a particular flower or plant, order it as soon as possible. And always have a plan B. We're dealing with perishable and seasonal products, so it might not arrive at the flower shop in time or in perfect condition. Having a plan B will ensure your florist can send out a gift you'll be pleased with and the recipient will love too.

Have a holiday and home filled with beauty.

Tracy B.

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1 commentaire

Lesli Muir Lytle
Lesli Muir Lytle
26 janv. 2021

I think I'll order flowers for myself this year. Great advice.

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