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Winter Disco Glam

My client wanted it all....A glamorous, winter, disco theme after Christmas work party, with a menu that had flair. And that's what I gave them! Guests entered the Thomas S. Monson center on the main floor to butler-passed cocktails and a small buffet of canapes and shrimp cocktail, enjoying until they were welcomed by their boss and host. Then they were escorted to the third floor ballroom where the winter disco glam theme took over.

The ballroom was the scene for the main event of dancing and drinking with gorgeous food stations and décor.

Pro Tip: When a party is split between multiple spaces, select an element to repeat through all the spaces to create rhythm. For this event gold, silver and white were the first colors guests saw. In the ballroom linens were in the same colors, and I had silver Mylar balloon panels placed behind focal areas.

This spectacular ice sculpture, standing at 7 feet, divided the ballroom to create a lounge area and a seating area around the dance floor.

Pro-Tip: Create a focal area. A focal area is a feature that will draw guests to it because of it's function or look. The ice sculpture was the focal area because it was literally placed in the center of the room and served as a partition between the lounge and dance area. It became the night's selfie backdrop. You could also use the main food station or bars decorated with flair as a focal area. At weddings, the sweethearts table or wedding cake are favorites of mine. When entertaining at home the dining table is the perfect option because you'll be using it the majority of the night. A coffee table with a very stylish flower arrangement and fantastic décor is another favorite focal area of mine.

Pro-Tip: Have contrasting elements to create a sophisticated style. Here, shiny mirrored tables and Mylar balloons contrast with the textures of the fur and linen sofa.

Beautiful food stations by LUX Catering & Events. We had Slider Station, Fondue Station, Handcrafted Cannoli station where guests selected a filling and toppings, and Lamb Kabob Small Plates .

As I left the venue that evening I was even more thrilled by the stunning lights cast from the outdoor lounge we created on the front balcony. I like to design events from the entrance, so that as guests approach the front door they get a taste of what it will feel and look like.

If you're planning an event and wanting some decorating inspiration, don't hesitate to reach out to me. Every event can have flair so your guests always feel special and comfortable when you host.

Do it with Flair,

Tracy B

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1 Comment

Lesli Muir Lytle
Lesli Muir Lytle
Jan 06, 2021

You've made me love balloons and ice sculptures again!

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