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Welcome! Creating a Warm Winter Reception

Updated: Jan 11, 2021

When someone comes to the Flair Flat this winter I want them to feel welcome and comfortable. Creating that feeling starts when they enter. I don't have an entryway; as soon as you open the door you're in the main room. To give the illusion of an entry, I created an "entry area" with the winter garden hedge. I started by arranging the office area in an "L" shape with the desk and my favorite glass and steel display cabinet. This physically created a space with some separation from the living and dining area. Here we take their coats, offering hand sanitizers; and they can take their shoes off if they want.

Have Personal Touches

Start with something that's special to you or important to the household. Everyone who knows me knows that I love birds and bunnies. I don't know why, but I have always loved rabbits and bird-themed décor. I started with these beautiful bisque ceramic birds that perch on the edge of a vase. We have a house full of books so I wanted to show some of my favorites on the shelves. David has these beautiful lace snowflakes his mom made. They are the perfect touch.

Have something Pretty

I wanted to keep the entry color palette simple, like a backdrop for all the color everywhere else. To create the palette, paperwhite gardens were planted with white rocks, and crystal accents. Supports are glass orchid stakes with Oasis wire laced between the bulbs' stems. White orchids I got at Trader Joe's are dressed very simply with large crystals and moss. It wouldn't be Christmas without the classic poinsettia, BUT never in foil wrappers. I take them out and place them in containers that compliment the home, giving them a little flair. Avoid having mostly faux plants and flowers. The idea that take time to care for plants to create a warm welcome sends a beautiful message about how caring you are.

Keep It Pretty

Avoid having furniture pieces or surfaces that can "collect" things. If you have a little table for keys, coins etc, have beautiful containers for them. If your shoes come off, keep them contained. If you have a coat closet, have plenty of good sturdy hangers for the coats. I don't have a coat closet in the main room and I decided against a coat rack; they look cluttered with even one or two coats. In the hall we have a little coat rack for everyday coats and across from it a big coat closet for extra coats and guest's coats. When guests come I like to put their coats in the closet. It's a nice touch when you hang the coat and keep it for them until they leave. It seems more thoughtful then tossing it on an empty chair.

Most importantly, when guests arrive, greet them with a warm smile and a happy hello. Make sure they know how glad and grateful you are that they have come to your flat. When you say good bye, thank them for coming and tell them how much you enjoyed having them in your flat.

Thanks for coming to my blog,

Tracy B.

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Lesli Muir Lytle
Lesli Muir Lytle
17 de dez. de 2020

I feel like I've just visited. Thank you! Have a lovely week.

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