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Spring Forward for EASTER

I guess it's time to spring forward? This winter season feels like it skipped right past me. No dinner parties for me to recall and not nearly the flow of guests we are used to. I'm ready for this leg to heal and the days to get longer. I'm especially ready for Easter, one of my favorite times of year. To keep things easy I'm going to repeat a lot of what I did last year.

My mom loved pastel colors, so her Easter décor was always traditional pastel colors. Thankfully, Easter decorations have changed with the times. Now you can find a full array of colors and styles. Over the years I've purchased and created Easter decorations very specific to Flair Flat. I detest, loathe, one could even say, hate seeing a home overflowing with seasonal decorations. Even worse: a home filled with the whole collection of box store seasonal decorations. Stop doing that! Purchase only things you love and that compliment your home's décor. A home with decorations that have been curated and gathered is more inviting and interesting. Having holiday decorations that compliment the space helps reduce visual clutter. Your eye will glide easily around the room without being jarred by random Easter decorations. And it makes it much easier to slip in a few new pieces without anyone noticing you've been shopping! (Pro-tip)

My theme of neutral with pops of color is reflected in the Easter decorations. While in New York I found these fabulous flocked bunnies. They work perfectly with their modern form and vivid colors. I added the acid green ribbon to tie in the linens I made for the Easter table.

As opposed to a little something spread everywhere, I create small vignettes throughout the flat by color or theme. It makes the décor look much more significant. Paired with a collection of blue glass I display year round are a flock of blue and yellow birdies. When I was growing up my mom made string egg dioramas. I gave it a try with colored yarns to compliment each of the vignettes.

A pop of orange here, and a dash of pink there.......

For Spring I like to bring out a few more containers and fill them with inexpensive blooming plants. I color match them to each vignette, and when we have guests over I can gather them up for a centerpiece. Whether they're from your favorite flower shop or Trader Joe's it doesn't matter. Do everything within your power not to use FAUX plants and flowers this time of year. There is a different feeling in a home full of living things. It feels more authentic, fresh and alive. But most importantly, living plants gives your home FLAIR.

Wish me luck! Let's see how much I can get done this year.

Happy spring,

Tracy B.

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