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Once Overlooked

I was asked to create a larger design for our client's kitchen island. She was hosting a luncheon and wanted something casual that looked like it came from the gardens. To keep the cost down she asked me to select a container from her collection. We discussed the menu and looked at the dishes and linens. As we browsed through cabinet after cabinet she lamented about having so many containers and accessories she didn't even like. She confessed to buying them for one or two events, "just to have". We settled on this fun galvanized 3 tier stand and a selection of less expensive vases she had from various events. To create the design I filled the vases with clean water and flower food. Then I placed the vases, keeping in mind I wanted it to be as big as possible. I put tall vases on the top tier to ensure I would have as big a design as possible.

The Flowers

It's very easy to put together, but you'll still want to follow the principles and elements of good design. I start by placing the blooms on the top tier to establish the height of the design and to make it easier for me to see how many flowers I will need to fill in the gaps. Sunflowers, garden roses, and peach finesse roses are placed in a line from top to bottom to create a focal area. Dahlias and ranunculus with the remaining sunflowers are sprinkled through out. I finished the design puffs of explosion grass, chocolate lace and burgundy scoop scabiosa.

Now these items will be used and loved for years to come. Happy Designing!

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A lovely solution.

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