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Keep it Simple

When I learned a friend was going to be celebrating his birthday alone, I reached out to couple of his close friends and we put together a birthday dinner party. As I was going over the plans it was decided that David would make his famous Rainbow Taco salad and I would set and decorate the table. As I started to discuss my plans David kindly reminded me this was last minute so "just keep it simple". How RUDE! I'm a fountain of restraint. I told him I'd do 3 bud vases with a just a couple flowers in each, to "keep it simple". Then I got my tool box out.

The Vase

We all have those inexpensive vase from the florist or grocer that we hold onto just in case we need them. I have 3 blue vases from a grocery store that I thought would work, but they needed some flair. I started by creating 3 collars out of Smither's Oasis silver floral mesh in varying heights that would fit snugly around the mouths of the vases. They are wrapped around the neck of the vase and secured by bending the cross wire over the last row.

I cover the collars by wrapping fresh damp sheet moss around the forms. Dampening the moss makes it easier to work with and manipulate around the collars. When it dries it will hold together a little better. I secure the moss with Smither's Oasis black bullion wire, wrapping around several times. I like the black color because it blends with the moss. On two of them I added angel vine by lacing Oasis 24 gauge wire through the moss and looping around the collar and giving it a little twist.

The Flowers

I kept the flowers very simple: a few roses, gorgeous white ranunculus, a stem of phalaenopsis orchids (cut from a plant in the house) and green ball dianthus. I didn't want a dome on top of the tower look, so I used the natural curves of the ranunculus stems to break it up. Small branches were inserted in the collars then laid between the vases to make the them look connected each other. This created the perfect perch for some butterflies to rest.

I love adding the brass and gold insects to the table for a little extra flair. The gold insects were a little DIY project made from plastic bugs I got on Amazon. Mixing them with the more expensive brass dragon flies is a the perfect blend of posh and almost tacky. You've got to have a little of what Diana]

Vreeland called tacky every now and then. It makes things look interesting.

Add a little flair,

Tracy B.

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1 Comment

Restrained, but elegant. Would love to know where to get the materials you used.

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