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Fall Suspended Garland

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Once I had a client ask me to help them create and design an "elegant rustic fall dinner". As always, I immediately consulted with our Chef at LUX Events. They helped me create a menu and dessert course that had all the elements of a great meal. Superior ingredients, delicious flavors, unique approach, and gorgeous presentation.

Images by LUX Events


Now I needed to design a table fitting such a beautiful menu. The client asked if we could do a garland style centerpiece that didn't look too wedding-like. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED. I made some sketches and took them to my friend and at the time our Director of Floral Art, Kelley Neal. He immediately knew exactly how to execute my concept of what we now call the suspended garland. LUX submitted this event to an international contest and LUX won Best Tablescape. I was thrilled that my concept won that category 2 years in a row.

The Execution

We started with a 2 x 4 and stained it to compliment the color of the table. Then drilled holes that would securely hold the Oasis 12 gauge copper aluminum wire. The holes were placed randomly because we knew the we would be using a variety of different sized flowers. Clear plastic flower tubes received a few wraps of the Oasis wire around the tube and 7" post. The rubber tops usually placed on the tubes were omitted so they could be easily refilled with water as needed. Than the fun began. Larger stems such as hydrangeas would get their own tube to ensure they had enough water. Smaller hearty blooms would be clustered together to create the stunning garland of blooms floating on the table. Grasses and berries dance across the top of the blooms leading your eye down the length of the garland. The finishing touches were ivory skeleton leaves floating throughout, with sandblasted grapevine roots and orchid blooms at the base.

More to Come

The benefits of having of having a small footprint of flowers on the table is, there's a little more room for name cards, salt & pepper shakers and just a few more details to make the table picture perfect.

P.S. Don't forget the candles!

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