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Don't Fidget, EAT!

I've had some people ask what Fidget Dishes are? Simply put, they are little decorative dishes filled with nuts, candies, dried fruits, chocolates or any kind of elegant snack food. I have them on the dinner table for guests to nibble on throughout dinner. When I have a dinner party, we'll start right off with drinks and appetizers in the living room. I like to have the bread and salad course pre-set, and the main course is usually buffet style. I like my guests to have plenty of food and feel they can eat as much as they want. I've notice that fast eaters get fidgety waiting for dessert. I found most guests will snack between courses and will stay at the table longer. I give them a couple options with foods that compliment the menu and are easy to grab. When guests are wrapping up their main courses I'll point them out by saying something like, "have you tried the glazed nuts? I got them at Cummings; they are so yummy."

I find dishes with all kinds of shapes and motifs so I can work them easily into any table setting. I always keep them small so it doesn't become a course all by itself. If not needed as fidget dishes I use them to hold condiments or as spoon rests on the buffet. These small trays under the salt & pepper shakers or under small vases of flowers give an additional level of interest and look adorable. It's a simple way to add a little extra flair to the table.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is a fidget dish.

Tracy B.

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Hey Tracy, hi! Is the little silver looking bowl with the candy balls in it a Nambe’ ?

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