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Do a Double Take

Busy week at Flair. As COVID restrictions change I want to see friends around the table again and the Flair full of laughter once more, so we sent out a few invitations and couldn't have been happier to have the flat full(ish) again.

Read to the end for my hosting pro-tip.

Dinner is Served

Classic blue-and-white is a favorite of mine, and with such spectacular delphinium at the flower market it was a match made in heaven. I couldn't cut them down; they were too beautiful. I placed them on one side of the table, and 4 of us sat on the opposite side. I like this layout because I can do a big flower presentation and it stays out of the way of my guests. We served pork medallions and polenta cakes with a mushrooms sauce, asparagus bundles, and roasted potatoes.

Dinner is served.....again

The flowers were so exquisite, I had to use them again. I cut down the stocks to remove the blooms that were spent, then placed them in my grandma's green glass vase and Viking glass budvases. The table was laid with a new Indian block print table cloth I recently found at a favorite vintage shop. I used the blue and white bistro dishes to pull all the blue tones together. I sprinkled a little green with the bread plates and salt and pepper shaker. When ever you want to elevate design, layer it. Water hyacinth placemat make the plates standout and look more significant. The menu was a light primavera pasta dish, wonderful bread and cheesecakes for dessert from Wholefoods.

Give them something to talk about.....a little gold bug decorated the plate and amused the guests.

Sunday Brunch

We ended with a small intimate brunch with a very dear friend so we could catch up after a few busy weeks. I love the new table cloth so much, I had to use it again. Simple white dishes and a few purple pansies from the garden planter and two bunches of spectacular delphinium from the flower market were all I needed to make the table setting look special for my friend. Lemon fidget dishes with Jordan Almonds edited to the blue, green and yellow complimented the table and I was ready for brunch.

Pro Tip

Use beautiful flowers until they are spent. With each table setting I used the same beautiful delphinium but changed it up. For the second dinner and brunch I used smaller, colored-glass vases. For brunch I added a few pansies and created a whole new look. After brunch I cut the delphinium down one more time and enjoy them for a few more days on the coffee table.

Happy table setting!

Tracy B.

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