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Christmas at the Flat 2020

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Looking at the holiday calendar and seeing it blank, I had to fill the flat with Christmas cheer. No matter what is going on, we can always surround ourselves with a few beautiful things. Taking the time to step away from daily stresses and create something beautiful helps keep me grounded. So for me this year, I wanted to create lots of little moments of beauty around the house to enjoy. For the theme I decided I'd carry the same interior design scheme we have year round: neutral background with splashes of bold color anchored by statement pieces.

The Front Door

I made this European inspired wreath with a garland of ornaments and bright colored ribbon cascading down the door. Be sure to read my blog on how to create your own colorful wreath . I love the way the ornaments go all the way down the door, giving it a big statement of holiday flair.

The Entry Area

I wanted to create an entry area so guests walk into something festive and beautiful. I created this winter garden with my paperwhite bulb gardens and an assortment of white blooming plants and green plants I have in the house. It's a blooming hedge with crystal accents and snowflakes handmade by David's mom.

I turned the office area into an "L" shape with the steel and glass display case serving as the base for the hedge of plants. I dressed up the desk with a few more plants to finish off the look. I love having something live to greet guests. But I have to confess it's amazing having all of these blooms right at eye level when I work at the desk.

The Tree

David has a vintage aluminum tree with the original light wheel. I love the idea that when the flat was first built in 1964 someone else had the room all aglow with a similar tree. I decorated with a collection of glass ornaments old and new. There is a legend that if you find a bird's nest in your Christmas tree you'll have good luck. Just to be safe I made one, and it matches the décor perfectly.

The rest of the seating area has the same eclectic mix of vintage and new. This space is perfect for small holiday gatherings. Lots of surfaces to accommodate small platters of appetizers and drinks.

The bird table is home for my favorite decorations of all. Each year I get a new bird from Ward & Child. Sometimes they go on a tree, sometimes they find a new home. This year the flocked to the gold bird table. My dark sense of humor took over and I had to place the cats looking over them. But with a bow and a tie they seem pretty harmless.

Mantle Style Garlands

I used to decorate a lot of grand homes in Park City, Utah. I loved decorating the mantels with lush garlands dripping with ornaments. I don't have a mantle but I can still do fabulous garlands. Above the bar and on top of the music shelf I did my "mantle" garlands. I generally stay away from just laying garlands symmetrically across to top of the mantle. I prefer a more creative line, so I made both of my garlands asymmetrical.

The Dining Table

When it's the two of us enjoying the flat I'll keep the dining table with the suspended pine trees and a few candles.

But if we have a dinner party, I'm going to dress it up with colorful flowers!

At the dining table I wanted to encapsulate the holiday décor theme of a neutral base with splashes of bright color. I think not placing the centerpiece directly on the table but suspending it makes it a fresh take on the conventional centerpiece. I'll use square white plates and retro inspired salad plates I got years ago at The Window Box. Gold linen with an ivory snowflake topper laid offer center gives the table an added layer of interest.

The Heart of the House

The kitchen is used a lot; we both love to cook delicious food. Working more from home I find myself cooking more, so it had to stay functional. I don't like decorations to overwhelm the functionality of any space, it just adds stress to the cooking process. When guests come there is always time spent in the kitchen so I wanted to do a little something in there to make it feel festive. A paperwhite garden and some Santas that I've collected over the years is just enough to do the trick.

The Bathroom

Of course a gentlemen's flat has a pink bathroom. For large gathering I've created a flower frame in vintage vases full of all pink flowers. It's a wonderful surprise to have a big display of flowers in such a small space. Lots of selfies end up getting taken here when I do this. I don't blame them, everyone looks pretty in pink.

I hope you have a happy Christmas filled with new memories and your home has lots of food, flowers and some holiday FLAIR.

Merry Christmas

Tracy B.

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Lesli Muir Lytle
Lesli Muir Lytle

You make me wish I could pee at your house. And the funny thing is, it isn't the first time. LOL.

Merry Christmas. I can't wait to appreciate it all in person next year!

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