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A Party in the Potty

Some parts of the Flair Flat are fantastic, some need an update, and some need to be completely redone. Our little bathroom is one that is up for debate. I love the pink tile and Cinderella tub; David sees it differently. It's a modest space so I like to pack it with a ton of flair, especially when we entertain. I did this design for a dinner party with my ladies and wanted to recreate for Christmas at the Flair Flat . When you have a modest and necessary space like my bathroom, give it all you've got. It instantly changes the space from being a little dumpy (no pun intended) to one you can share with a little more pride.

I gathered some of my vintage crystal vases and some more modern vases and lined them up on the medicine cabinet. The idea was to shock guests with a fairly lavish flower presentation in my little bathroom, making it a little more appealing. I thought the frame of flowers would be perfect for people to take selfies.

Finishing Touches

I like to use disposable hostess (or in my case host) towels. Guests never have to worry if they used the fancy display towels. You can establish a house towel that you always use or select ones that strike your fancy. Always have a really nice soap and lotion that's not too heavily scented. Empty the garbage can and be sure there are a few extra rolls of toilet paper under the sink.

Dress up those little spaces so your guest can flush with flair.

Party on!

Tracy B

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Lesli Muir Lytle
Lesli Muir Lytle
Dec 17, 2020

What about the fruit scented spray? You forgot about the spray! LOL And a boom box for turning up the music, Carol! LOL


I never would have thought of that.

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