Welcome to my blog where I share how I live my life with Flair: that ability to do something stylishly and with originality. I'll take you inside my condo, affectionately named Flair Flat, where I'll show how I live with Flair. I want to share the simple things I've learned about living a stylish life and how you can design a home and life that's uniquely yours.

I hope to inspire you to invite people into your home and pamper them with some of my tips, adding your own twist on them. I want to share with how you can fill your home with things you love and stop buying things "just because." I'll also give you some of my pro-tips about floral design, interior design and hosting parties.

                                                                       Summer Centerpiece Class

                                                                                    August 18, 2021 7:00pm

                                                                           Orchid Dynasty (Upstairs Gallery)

                                                                         365 W. 900 S. Salt Lake City, UT 84105

                                                                                                 125.00 pp




Join me August 18, 7:00pm in the beautiful gallery space at Orchid Dynasty we'll have drinks wine and some of the my favorite Flair Flat cocktail hour foods. You will learn and make this drop dead gorgeous centerpiece and some tips so you'll always design like a pro.


Early Bird Special - $15 off when you book July 22 - August 1. Or bring a flower friend and get 2 for 205.00 

You'll receive:

- white ceramic stand

- glass water tubes

- foam base

- decorative moss

- aluminum wire 

some of my favorite natural embellishments and gorgeous selection of summer blooms, dahlias, roses, hydrangea, and other favorite garden blooms. 


What You'll Learn:

- care and handling tips to keep flowers lasting

- principles of design to think about when designing with a structure

- tips on how to select and forge flowers for your home

- basic techniques to create a structure 

I'll also share a bonus design you can create with your new container. 

To register CLICK HERE 

You'll receive a confirmation email and link to pay within 24hrs. 




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